How to Change the Last Name on Facebook to One Letter

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The popular social networking site Facebook lets users search for friends and loved ones using their full names, including first and last name. When you search for your name on Google, one of the top results is often your Facebook page, which may cause privacy issues. If you want to keep your identity private or hide your Facebook page from current employers or prospective employers, then use a false name or change your name to one letter, such as the first letter of your last name.

Log in to your Facebook account with the e-mail address you used when signing up for the page and the password associated with your account.

Look for the Account menu, which is located at the top of your screen, near the right hand side. Click the button to access the drop-down menu, and then choose "Account Settings" from those supplied.

Wait for the page to load, and then select "Name" from the options listed. Facebook lets you make other changes to your account, including changing your e-mail address or password.

Pick the name or how you want your name displayed on Facebook. Facebook gives you a few options, such as showing your first name and then last name, or your last name and then your first name. You also have the option of adding your middle name, a nickname or your maiden name.

Enter the letter you want used as your last name in the provided box. Select "Change Name" at the bottom of the screen. Facebook may take up to a week to approve the change in your name, but once the site approves the change, your new last name will go live on the site.

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