How Do I Know From His Face and Gestures That He Loves Me?

Updated July 20, 2017

Being in a relationship when you are not sure if your man loves you can be challenging. Men are less expressive compared to women and it may take quite some time for a man to come around and tell you outright that he loves you. The key, however, is to discover this on your own by noticing his body language toward you. Body language is one important way of discerning a man's emotions.

Observe a man's facial expressions when you are around him or when you meet him. Pay special attention to the expression in his eyes. If he lights up or smiles when he sees you, this is one sign that he loves you. His eyebrows also may arch upward, his pupils dilate and his arms relax or extend; these are limbic signs of him welcoming your presence. A significant, positive change in his facial expressions and manner demonstrates his appreciation of your company and can be a sign of love.

Scrutinise his manner when you are talking to him. A man who truly loves you will take a genuine interest in what you saying. He will look into your eyes when you are talking and chip in on your conversation. Note how he positions himself when you are having a conversation. Angling his body in a manner where he ends up looking at you shows he is giving you his full attention, as opposed to staring straight ahead, mumbling answers and letting his attention drift to other things in the room. A man who loves you will make an effort to keenly pay attention to what you have to say.

Note how he displays his affection for you. Lust, at times, can be mistaken for love. If your man constantly is sleeping with you, it does not necessarily mean that he loves you. Note instead how he holds and caresses you. A man who loves you will want to hold you and have you close to him. For example, he will draw you closer to him when you are on a bench or in bed.

Pay attention to how he behaves toward you in public. A man who loves you will display a certain level of possessiveness. For example, he will place his hand on your waist when you are standing together or take your hand while you are walking and intertwine it with his. A man who loves you also will definitely introduce you to the important people in his life, like his family and friends. Take notice of how he acts during these introductions; look out for the smile and, most importantly, the look in his eyes.

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