How to enlarge the size of the letters on my laptop

Updated February 21, 2017

A laptop computer is useful because of its versatility. Unlike a stationary desktop computer, you can use a laptop nearly anywhere for a variety of tasks. One of the drawbacks of a laptop, however, is its screen size, which is typically smaller than that of a desktop. If you are having trouble reading the words on your laptop screen, you can make a simple adjustment to enlarge the letters, thus making them easier to read.

Locate, press and hold the "CTRL" key on your laptop keyboard. There are two "CTRL" keys --- one on the bottom left and one on the bottom right.

Press the "+" button, which is located to the right of the number "0" and to the left of the backspace key. Pressing the "+" once will enlarge the size of the letters on your laptop screen.

Press the "+" again, as many times as desired, to increase the font size further.


To reduce the font size back to its default size, press and hold the "CTRL" key while pressing the "-" key. If you have a mouse with a scrolling wheel, you can change the font size on your screen by pressing and holding the "CTRL" button and scrolling forward to increase the size and backward to reduce it.

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