The positive & negative effects of laptops

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Laptops, much like cell phones, have become a common sight in contemporary society. For all of their positive impacts upon our society, there are also some negative impacts as well. Below are a few of the pros and cons of laptop use.


One of the main advantages laptops offer over desktop computers is their portability. Many laptops weigh under six pounds, making them easy to carry around on a regular basis. Laptops are particularly useful for businesspeople who are always on the go, and students who like to be able to take notes faster.


Accessibility goes hand-in-hand with portability. Since a laptop can be taken anywhere, the user has access to Internet, documents, music, and more from wherever they may be. While a desktop computer and all the information stored on it are relegated to the home, the information on a laptop goes wherever the user takes it, without the hassle of having to save it or e-mail it.

Bad Posture

If a laptop is being held in the lap, the user will sometimes hunch or slouch while they are using it. While this is not harmful for short amounts of time, maintaining this position every time the laptop is used can lead to poor posture and back or neck injuries. To avoid this, laptops should be placed on a desk or a solid surface when possible, and the user should sit in a straight-back chair to prevent slouching.

Decreased Sperm Production

Holding a laptop in one's lap for too long can affect male fertility. As the laptop heats up through continued use, it raises the temperature of the scrotum along with it, which can have a negative impact on sperm production. This can be avoided by using the laptop on a desk or a portable laptop table to keep the heat away from the genital area.

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