Advantages & Disadvantages of a Trackball

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A trackball mouse is stationary, with a movable ball. Users control the cursor on the screen by scrolling the ball, instead of moving their entire hand. While this is convenient, it has its disadvantages also.

Advantages of a Trackball Mouse

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The trackball mouse is more beneficial because it allows users to manoeuvre the cursor without requiring movement of the entire mouse. This reduces strain on the user's wrist, hands, arms, and shoulders. Trackball users can also operate the buttons more easily without accidentally moving the mouse itself. Trackball mice also use less space than a traditional mouse, and do not require a mouse pad.

Disadvantages of a Trackball Mouse

While the trackball is better than the traditional mouse, it does have some disadvantages. Given that users are controlling the cursor with a ball, movements are not completely precise. For designers and those who work in graphics, the customary mouse may have greater accuracy. Another disadvantage is that the ball mechanism requires more cleaning and maintenance than a regular mouse.


Trackballs are generally more expensive than regular mice. The average price of a trackball mouse is £25.90. At CompUSA and Staples, customers can purchase an inexpensive Logitech TrackMan Marble Mouse for £16.20, as of November, 2010.