How to make a balloon display

Balloon displays can turn a boring reception hall into a colourful room. Balloon displays are often used at parties or events in place of or in addition to centrepieces. You can make very simple balloon displays, or you can make elaborate centrepieces. You can make arches, columns and bouquets out of balloons. The possibilities are left up to your creativity and your time. The balloon bouquet is one simple display made with helium-filled balloons.

Slide the balloon neck over the helium nozzle and slowly fill the balloon with helium.

Check that the balloon is the correct size by holding the opening of the balloon closed with your fingers and using the balloon sizer to measure the top of the balloon.

Inflate or deflate the balloon so that it matches the balloon sizer.

Tie a knot at the neck of the balloon once it is the correct size.

Inflate two more balloons to the correct size, using the same process.

Cut 3 meters of curling ribbon and tie a loose knot at one end, leaving 1 meter of ribbon at the short end. Slip the opening over the neck of the balloon and tighten the knot. Tie another knot around the neck of the balloon to attach the ribbon securely.

Tie lengths of curling ribbon to the remaining balloons.

Position one balloon over the table base. Tie the long end of the curling ribbon around the hook of the table base with two knots.

Position the next balloon so that it is slightly lower and touching the first, and attach it to the table base with two knots.

Position the last balloon so that its height matches that of the second balloon. Attach it to the table base with two knots.


When filling the balloons with helium, read the directions for the helium tank. Use colours that complement the colour scheme of your party. You may curl the free ends of ribbon attached to the balloons by running one blade of a pair of scissors over the curling ribbon. You can make your own table base using a balloon, sand, cellophane and ribbon.

Things You'll Need

  • Three 11-inch, high-quality latex balloons
  • Roll of curling ribbon
  • Helium
  • Balloon sizer
  • Table base such as a fruit basket
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