How to Temporarily Freeze Your Facebook Account

Updated July 20, 2017

Facebook users may have various reasons for temporarily freezing their existing accounts. Depending on how you approach the site, it can often distract you and keep you from performing daily or common activities effectively. On the other hand, you may lack the time to use your account or simply do not find it useful. In any event, Facebook allows you to freeze your current profile by deactivating it from your main account settings.

Sign into Facebook and click the "Account" link displayed in the upper-right corner.

Click "Account Settings" from the resulting context menu.

Click "Deactivate" from the "Deactivate Account" field.

Click the radio button that best explains the reason for deactivating it, such as "I Spend Too Much Time Using Facebook" or "This Is Temporary. I'll Be Back."

Mark the check-box indicating whether you wish to receive future e-mails from Facebook. Additionally, check whether to remove programs and features for which you are the main developer, if applicable.

Press "Confirm" and enter your current Facebook password to proceed. Click "Confirm" once more to finalise the procedure and freeze your Facebook account.


You can reactivate your account by logging in as you normally would; a confirmation e-mail is then sent to your inbox.

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