How to Set Up Voicemail on the Motorola Razr

Updated February 21, 2017

You press and hold the voicemail key on your RAZR, and nothing happens, or it dials the wrong number. When you buy a locked Motorola RAZR from a carrier, the voicemail number is already programmed into the phone. If you have purchased an unlocked RAZR, or want to take your unlocked RAZR to another carrier, you can set the voicemail number through the phone's menu.

Press the envelope key on your RAZR, or open the main menu and go into "Message Center."

Press the centre soft key to open the message options.

Scroll down to "Voicemail Setup" and press the soft key under "OK."

Type in your voicemail access number. Usually it is your own 10-digit phone number, but if you are not sure, contact your cellular provider.

Press "OK" to save the number.


Many variations are on the Motorola RAZR. They all have the voicemail settings under the "Message Center" options. Some versions of the phone have a "Voicemail Number" sub-menu under "Voicemail Setup."


Some carriers hide the Voicemail Setup option, because the number is already programmed into the phone.

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