How to Remove a Microdermal Piercing

Updated February 21, 2017

Microdermal implants, or surface anchors, are semi-permanent body piercings implanted in the face, neck, back, feet or almost any other body surface where a piercing is desired. Unlike many piercings, microdermals have no exit hole, and skin will eventually bond to the implanted anchor and lock it in place. For this reason, you can easily remove the threaded, exposed jewellery, but a professional must remove the anchor underneath. Tearing out the piercing yourself is painful, can cause permanent scarring and may lead to infection.

Unscrew the top, threaded end of the microdermal to change jewellery. Be aware that if you remove the original jewellery without replacing it, skin may close up around the piercing.

Contact your piercer to remove the anchor under the skin, if necessary. The piercer will make a cut in your skin with a scalpel to remove the underlying anchor. If your original piercer is unavailable, contact a reputable professional piercer near you. Some piercers will perform this procedure as a courtesy. In any case, it is proper etiquette to tip the piercer.

Treat the wound with aftercare recommended by the piercer. This may involve washing the area with antibacterial soap and keeping the area dry and free of make-up.

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