How to Browse Skype Profiles

Updated July 05, 2018

Skype provides a way to contact other Skype members through text-based instant messaging or calls with audio and video. If the Skype member adds a telephone number to his Skype profile, you can also contact the member by telephone. To add new contacts to your list, use Skype's member directory to find contacts and view their public profiles. You can search by real name, e-mail address, Skype name or telephone number.

Open Skype and log in with your account credentials. Select the "Contacts" menu and click "Add a Contact."

Type an e-mail address, phone number, real name or Skype name on the "Add a Contact" window's fields. Click the member name that appears if only one contact is associated with the information you enter. The selected member's public profile appears. Click the "Add" button to add the member to your Skype contacts.

Click "View" beside the selected data field if multiple profiles are associated with the information you enter. Click a member's name on the results list to view additional information about the member.

Click "Add" to add the contact to your Skype contacts or click "Cancel" to return to the list of results.

Click "Next" near the bottom of the results to view additional pages of Skype members. Click the "Back" button at any time to search for members using a different search term.


Although Skype shows basic data about its members, you need to add the contact to your list and get accepted before you can view detailed profile information.

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