How to Text Blushing Smiley Faces

Updated February 21, 2017

Sending a smiley face text message is one of many ways to express your feelings and emotions. That's why smiley faces and other similar digital icons are called emoticons. You might have already mastered the happy and sad faces, but you can also use the blushing smiley face when you're feeling shy, bashful, or flirtatious.

Locate your phone's messaging interface. You'll have to access the main menu to find it.

Choose 'Compose' or 'New Message' to create a new outgoing text message. You'll see a blank screen.

Create your blushing smiley face using the characters on your phone's keypad. To do this, type in a colon followed by a single comma, an apostrophe, and a closing parenthesis leaving no spaces in between each character. This code will allow you to text a blushing smiley face even if it doesn't look like one on your phone.

Type in a brief message before or after the smiley face. You can include a few words such as "Thanks for the gift" or "I miss you." Just be sure not to interefere with the string of text that makes up the blushing smiley. You can send the message to the recipient once you're done.

Things You'll Need

  • SMS capable cell phone
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