How do I Connect Surround Sound to a Headphone Jack on a Computer?

Updated April 17, 2017

Audio playing on a computer can be listened to using headphones plugged into the computer's headphone jack. To listen to multichannel audio, also known as "surround sound," on a computer through the headphone jack, employ a pair of headphones that contain surround sound (aka 5.1) technology (for example, the Dolby surround sound or SRS technologies). The surround sound-equipped headphones, available at computer stores or electronics shops, automatically modify the audio signal exiting the computer's audio card headphone jack and turn it into surround sound for the listener to enjoy.

Open the battery compartment lid on the surround sound-equipped headphones. Insert the appropriate battery into the compartment. Close the lid. If an amplification module is connected to the headphones, perform the battery steps with the amplification module instead.

Press the "Mute" button on the computer's keyboard to silence the audio; if there is no "Mute" button, press the volume "Down" button until the bar or number displayed reaches "0."

Insert the audio plug at the end of the surround sound-equipped headphones into the audio plug socket on the mini-audio plug adaptor. Insert the plug at the end of the mini-audio plug adaptor into the headphone jack on the computer's audio card.

Return audio volume to the computer by disengaging the "Mute" key or, if there is no such key, raising the level of the volume using the "Up" key.

Put on the surround sound-equipped headphones. Audio played through the computer will now exit the headphone jack and be turned into surround sound through the headphones.


Some headphones come with their own volume control so you can adjust audio without having to use the computer's volume control.


The headphone "jack" is always active and cannot be turned off through the computer's audio control panel.

Things You'll Need

  • Surround sound-equipped headphones
  • Battery
  • Mini-audio plug adaptor
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