How to Use a Dugout Pipe

Written by w. p. wentzell | 13/05/2017
How to Use a Dugout Pipe
Dugout pipes often resemble cigarettes to increase their concealment factor. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Dugout pipes are small, narrow pipes that are housed inside a wooden or metal box called a dugout. Dugouts contain two compartments: one to fit the small ceramic or metal one-hitter pipe, and the other to store tobacco or other smoking herbs. The one-hitter pipe often resembles a cigarette. The dugout usually has a swivel lid that covers the pipe and the tobacco compartment. Due to their ease of use and concealment factor, dugout pipes are often carried and used to smoke in public.

Twist the lid of the dugout to expose the pipe and empty tobacco chamber. Load tobacco or smoking herbs into the tobacco chamber, and close the lid.

Stow the dugout in your pant or coat pocket. Pull out the dugout when ready to smoke.

Twist the lid and extract the one-hitter pipe from its chamber. Holding the pipe firmly in your hand by the base, insert the pipe open-faced into the tobacco chamber and pack the tip of the pipe with tobacco or smoking herbs. Twist the dugout lid shut.

Light the pipe using a butane lighter, and inhale the smoke. Cup the pipe using your free hand to block the wind while lighting.

Ash the pipe in a nearby dustbin or designated receptacle.

Twist open the lid of the dugout and replace the pipe. Stow the dugout in the most convenient pant or coat pocket.


  • Never smoke tobacco or other herbs indoors or outdoors where prohibited.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never smoke tobacco or other herbs indoors or outdoors where prohibited.

Things you need

  • Butane lighter

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