How do I Put Freon in a Honda Accord?

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Many Honda Accord models were equipped with air conditioning system that uses freon. The freon is compressed by the air conditioner compressor and circulated through the system to provide cooling. The loss of a small amount of refrigerant will result in reduced cooling. If a large quantity of refrigerant is lost, a pressure switch will disable the compressor to protect the air conditioning system. Many products are available to replace freon, as freon is expensive and the purchase regulated to certified technicians..

Identify the low pressure freon fitting on the tubing between the ac compressor and evaporator. The low pressure fitting will be covered with a small plastic cap. Remove the cap and store it in a safe place.

Shake the can of freon replacement for sixty second and connect the freon filler hose to the can.

Screw the free end of the filler hose to the low pressure freon fitting on the Accord. Position the hose and can of refrigerant in a place that it will not contact any moving parts of the engine.

Insert the key into the ignition, start the engine and allow the air conditioning to run at the coldest stetting for three minutes.

Open the valve on the refill hose and view the pressure gauge. Close the valve on the refill hose if the pressure rises above the good zone on the pressure gauge. Allow the bottle to empty if the gauge reads at or below the good zone on the pressure gauge.

Turn the engine off using the ignition switch and remove the key.

Disconnect the refill hose from the low pressure fitting and replace the plastic cap. Remove the bottle from the refill hose and discard of the can in a proper waste receptacle.

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