How to Change the Cigarette Lighter in a Mitsubishi Lancer

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When the cigarette lighter in your Mitsubishi Lancer is misplaced or broken, a replacement part can be purchased to work in the vehicle. A replacement lighter should only cost a few dollars at a parts store. Be sure to research the part number based on make and model ahead of time and hold on to your receipt in case a return is necessary.

Purchase the replacement lighter, making sure you retain a receipt so you can return it if necessary.

Place the new lighter into the socket.

Push the lighter in, allowing the car to heat the lighter's coils.

Wait a few seconds and you'll hear a clicking noise, at which point the lighter will be ejected to the first position, allowing you to pull it out and use it.

Remove the lighter and check to make sure it is properly heated. Place it back into the socket and use whenever needed.

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