How to register nook without wireless

Updated April 17, 2017

If you don't have access to a wireless network, don't worry. You can still buy books online, check out books from your local library and transfer files to your Nook via the enclosed USB cable and your home PC. However, you must register the Nook wirelessly using Nook hardware -- connecting to a computer via USB for registration will not work. By registering your Nook, you can receive free items and purchase ebooks for instant download to your Nook from the Barnes and Noble Nook store. Luckily, there are workarounds to help you register your Nook without a wireless network in your home or if your home wireless network is temporarily not working.

Tap the "Settings" icon on the Nook screen and verify "Airplane Mode" is turned off.

If "Airplane Mode" is on, the Nook will not connect to a 3G or wireless network.

Tap the "Wi-Fi" field on the "Settings" screen and verify the Wi-Fi is turned "On."

If not, tap the "Wi-Fi" field to enable Wi-Fi.

Tap the "Wi-Fi Hotspot" field and scroll through the hotspots listed on the screen.

The Nook displays preset hotspots for AT&T and Barnes and Noble. It will also display any other Wi-Fi networks within range. If you are lucky, you may spot a unsecured neighbouring Wi-Fi connection you can use for the few minutes to register your Nook.

If you see a network but it is locked, try contacting the owner of the network -- most likely a neighbour -- and ask if you can briefly have access to their Wi-Fi network to register your Nook.

Drive to the nearest location with Wi-Fi access. McDonald's, Starbucks, public libraries and other municipal buildings have free access to a wireless network.

Since this is only a one-time registration process that takes a few minutes to complete, the inconvenience of driving to find a Wi-Fi hot spot is worth it. After your Nook is registered, you can access all the Nook's functionality without a wireless connection.

Contact Barnes and Noble customer support. You can find the contact information in your Nook's user manual or online at the Barnes and Noble website. Barnes and Noble will help you troubleshoot your problem or offer to exchange your Wi-Fi-only Nook for a 3G version that can connect virtually anywhere through the AT&T phone network.

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