Romantic way to pick someone up at the airport

Written by erin schreiner | 13/05/2017
Romantic way to pick someone up at the airport
Make the airport the site of romance. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Picking someone up from the airport is more than just a chance to give them a ride home. To make your airport pick up special and show your loved one that you really care, add some romance to this occasion. With some outside-the-box thinking and thoughtfulness, you can make your partner's arrival home extra special.

Create a play on the standard airport pickup signs to delight your romantic partner. When waiting for your partner, stand among the chauffeurs and other drivers who wait curb side holding signs designed to attract their rider. On your sign, write "I Love..." followed by the name of the person for whom you are waiting. This sign will not only lead your lover right to you, but likely make her smile, too.

Make your car a romantic scene by creating a cup holder bouquet with which to delight your partner. Prior to arriving at the airport, pick up some flowers along with a vase that will fit into your cup holder. Put a bit of water in the bottom of the vase, but not so much that it is going to slosh about, then pile in your flowers. This thoughtful gesture will likely surprise and delight your partner as she climbs into your car.

Show your lover how much you appreciate him by preparing a list of the things you missed. On a sheet of stationery paper covered in hearts, craft your list. Include an assortment of romantic things, such as, "snuggling close to you at night," as well as some playful options like, "your dirty clothes on the bathroom floor," with a line through the entry. Place the completed list on the passenger seat of your car so your partner can peruse it during the trip home.

Demonstrate to your partner that just because he has arrived home from his trip doesn't mean his adventure is coming to an end. Create a "Ticket to Romance" for him as a thoughtful welcome back gift. Craft a ticket that resembles a traditional airline ticket, writing the destination as "bedroom" or some equally romantic site. Give this ticket to your partner when you greet him at the pickup gate, indicating to him that he has a romantic adventure waiting for him upon his arrival home.

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