How to Import From an iPhone to Picasa

Updated June 26, 2018

Picasa is a photo program from Google that can be used to edit and manage photos on the computer. Photos can be imported to Picasa via SD cards and the iPhone, among other devices. Importing from the iPhone to Picasa enables users to quickly grab photos from their iPhone and perform whatever edits that are necessary, as well as have a backup of the photos on their computer. The process of importing from an iPhone to Picasa is simple for any user.

Plug your iPhone into the computer via the USB port.

Click "Start," then "Picasa" to launch the Picasa program.

Click "File," then "Import From ... "

Click the drop-down menu next to "Import from:" and select "iPhone."

Wait for Picasa to load all of the iPhone photos. This may take several minutes depending on the number of photos on your iPhone. Click the check box next to "Exclude Duplicates" if you want Picasa to exclude the duplicates in importing.

Click the box under "Folder title" and type in the name for the folder where the iPhone photos will be imported to. Click "Import All" to import from the iPhone to Picasa.

Click "Start," then "Pictures." Double-click the name of the folder you created in the previous step to view the photos that have been imported.

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