How to Know Your Size When Shopping at Christian Louboutin Online

Written by christina martinez | 13/05/2017
How to Know Your Size When Shopping at Christian Louboutin Online
The red sole defines a Louboutin shoe. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

Christian Louboutin designs shoes that are known for the red soles that grace every shoe. The company makes high heels, flats and even men's shoes. Shoes and other accessories can be purchased from high-end retailers or via the Louboutin website. Christian Louboutin uses the European sizing chart when sizing his shoes. Convert your American shoe size to its European counterpart when purchasing shoes from the Louboutin website.

Go to the Louboutin website. Click on "Sizing Information" under the "Assistance" headline.

Look at the sizing chart. If you're looking for women's sizes, look at the Women's Size Run and if you're looking for men's sizes, look at the Men's Size Run. The Men's Size Run is located directly below the Women's Size Run.

Find the "all shoes" column and look for your shoe size under the US column. For example if you are a size 8, look for that size under the US column. Also, if you see a number followed by a 5 like this: "4,5" this stands for a 4.5. This is the website's way of depicting half sizes.

Look for your corresponding size under the IT column which is to the left of the US column. So if you are a size 8, look to the left to find your IT size, which is 38.

Order your Louboutin shoes with the IT size.

Call the number 888-856-8247 or e-mail for extra assistance.

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