How to Close My Skype Account

Updated February 21, 2017

Skype is a software application that allows calls to be made using a phone, computer or television. Skype differs from traditional phone calls in that it offers voice and video capabilities as well as instant messaging and texts. The application offers free, pay as you go and paid subscriptions based on need. For those who decide Skype is not for them, the company makes it easy to close an account.

Sign in to your Skype account at

Click on the "Call phone" tab. On the right side of the page, locate the account you want to close.

Click "Settings," then "Cancel subscription." A new window will open asking you to confirm the closing. Click "Yes" to proceed. Another window will open, verifying the closing and showing any time left in the subscription. The account will close when the time paid for expires. To close the account immediately, click the link within the window. If needed, you may also request a refund for any unused time.

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