How to Arrange a Throw Blanket on a Chair

Written by patti perry | 13/05/2017
How to Arrange a Throw Blanket on a Chair
Throw blankets add a cosy element to any room. (Goodshoot/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Arranging a throw blanket artfully might look like an interior design trick but there is nothing exact about it. Experiment and see what appeals to your decorating sensibility. There are endless ways to place a throw blanket and add new angles and textures to your room configuration. Add colour to your room by placing a throw blanket of contrasting colour over the arm, back or seat of a chair.

Shake the blanket out from a corner and drape it over the back, arm and seat of the chair. An angle adds interest to your room decoration.

Pleat a throw blanket into folds along the longest edge. Gently lay in over the arm and onto the seat of the chair.

Tie one corner of the throw into a large knot. Drape it over the back and arm of the chair.

Fold an afghan to the length of the chair arm. Lay it over the arm and roll up the excess. Sit this rolled section on the seat, next to the arm.

Make multiple folds and place this narrow throw blanket element as a graphic stripe over your chair back or arm.

Fold throw blankets and position them in a pile on the chair seat.

Roll a throw blanket into a small tubular shape and position it on the chair seat, as a pillow.

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