How to Spot a Fake Nike Flight

Updated July 20, 2017

There are ways to identify a genuine pair of Nike Flight shoes that can keep you from purchasing a pair of knock-offs. When shopping for Nike Flights, insist on receiving a Nike shoebox and a properly sized shoe with no colouring abnormalities.

Check for a shoebox that it is not flimsy or weak; genuine Nike shoeboxes are made of strong and sturdy cardboard.

Inspect the shoes for colour bleeding, fading or hue changes. If any colour distortions are visible, the shoes may not be a genuine Nike Flights.

Try on the shoes to verify sizing. If the fit does not seem right for your size, the shoes may be knock-offs.

Inspect the shoes for rubber soles. If they feel like plastic or are slippery to the touch, the shoes are probably fakes.

Check for a Nike SKU number on the inside tongue of each shoe that matches the number on the shoebox. This string of numbers and letters uniquely identifies a Nike product.


All new Nike shoes are sold with a sturdy shoebox -- beware of any seller that cannot provide one.

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