How to Display FPS in "Minecraft"

Updated April 17, 2017

"Minecraft" is a computer game written in Java and first released in mid-2009. While "Minecraft" is not a particularly taxing game for your computer, if you have many blocks onscreen or have numerous programs running at once, you may notice the game running more choppily than normal. You can press a button in the middle of your game to check your frames per second, or FPS.

Launch "Minecraft."

Click "Start Game" and select your world.

Wait for the world to rebuild and display.

Hold down the "F3" key. A black box will fill your screen, displaying information about your computer, such as your current CPU and RAM usage. In the upper right-hand corner, find your FPS.

Release the "F3" key to return to the game.


Change your graphics to "Fast" and lower the render distance to increase your FPS.

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