How to Grease Your Singer Sewing Machine

Updated April 17, 2017

Creating successful sewing projects requires regular cleaning and maintenance of your machine to keep it performing at its best. Thoroughly clean your sewing machine according to manufacturer's suggestions, removing dust and lint build-up, at least once per year. This cleaning removes all of the oil, requiring an application of a lubricating oil or grease for the machine to run properly. With proper care and maintenance, your Singer sewing machine will give you many years of service.

Check the manufacturer's instruction booklet for the type of lubricant required for your specific model of sewing machine. The booklet will also have images of the various parts of the machine that require oiling, the type to use and how much to apply in each area.

Squirt a small amount of oil into the designated holes. Oil is generally applied wherever there is a small access hole on the body of the machine. Apply freely, as all of the oil was removed during the earlier cleaning of the machine.

Add oil generously to any felt or wool pads. These pads feed oil to working parts of the machine.

Wipe any excess oil off with a damp paper towel.

Lubricate the motor, if needed, according to manufacturer's suggestion for the model sewing machine. Apply only one or two drops of oil per bearing to avoid damaging the motor. Some newer models have motors with sealed bearing that do not require oiling. Use your manufacturer's instruction booklet to locate your machine's bearings.

Turn the wheel of the sewing machine by hand to work the oil through the moving parts.


Manufacturer's instruction booklets for most models of sewing machines can be found on the Internet by searching by manufacturer's model number. Singer also has many printed copies of old manuals available. Contact them via phone or e-mail from the Singer website. Sewing machine lubricants are available at craft and sewing stores. As an alternative, use a lightweight household oil that in non-gum forming and non-corrosive. Some sewing machines do not require any greasing or oiling as they are made with materials that do not need it or they have been impregnated with oil during manufacturing.


Never apply oil to the tension discs, hand wheel release, rubber rings or belts.

Things You'll Need

  • Manufacturer's instruction booklet
  • Oil or grease lubricant
  • Paper towels
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