How to Check My GMX Mailbox

Written by dawn westin | 13/05/2017
How to Check My GMX Mailbox
Check your GMX mailbox by logging into your account through the GMX home page. (Medioimages/Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images)

GMX Mail is a free e-mail service that can be accessed at any time through any computer with Internet access. GMX Mail provides users with features such as an inbox, sent folder and spam folder that are available with popular e-mail services Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail. In addition, GMX Mail users can access their e-mail from their other e-mail accounts, regardless of whether they're registered with GMX or other e-mail providers, through the mail collector feature. Once the initial sign-up process is complete, accessing one's GMX mailbox is quick and simple.


Type your GMX e-mail address into the box labelled "Email Address." Your e-mail address will be the user name you created when you signed up for GMX Mail, followed by "" unless you specifically chose to have a different e-mail ending such as "" during the registration process.

Type your password into the box labelled "Password."

Click the green button labelled "Login."

Click "Inbox" to view your read and unread messages. Otherwise, use the "Sent," "Spam," "Trash," and "Drafts" buttons to open their corresponding folders.

Click "Mail Collector" to view your e-mail in any other e-mail accounts you have hooked up to your GMX Mail account.

Click the green "Go to Mailbox" button to return to your mailbox at any time should you happen to venture elsewhere on the GMX site.

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