How to Make a Tulle Tutu for a 1-Year-Old

Little girls love to dress up as princesses, ballerinas and fairies. You can get the look of all of these characters with one simple costume; a tutu. Even if your child is too young to play dress up or even know what a ballerina is, she still can have fun and look cute while wearing a tutu. A tulle tutu is simple to make and does not cost very much. Make one in an evening while sitting in front of your television.

Wrap the elastic around the child's waist. Make it tight enough that it won't slide down, but not too tight. Add an extra inch and cut it.

Sew the ends of the elastic together, overlapping 1/2 inch on each end. You can hand sew it with a needle and thread, or use a sewing machine. If you don't sew at all, you can use a hot glue gun.

Cut the tulle. It needs to be twice as long as you want the finished skirt to be. If you buy the tulle off of a bolt instead of on a roll, you also will need to cut the tulle pieces to roughly 6 inches wide. Because most 1-year-olds are just learning to walk, the tutu should be relatively short. If they are still crawling most of the time, they will crawl on the skirt and get stuck.

Tie and knot the tulle around the elastic. Fold the tulle strip in half so it forms a loop at one end. Hold the loop behind the elastic and pull the loose ends over the elastic and through the loop. Pull it tight. There should be equal lengths of tulle hanging from the elastic. Repeat with the other pieces of tulle around the elastic. The more pieces you put on, the fuller the tutu will be. You can do one piece at a time, or group two or three strips together.

Slip the tutu on the 1-year-old. If the child has a difficult time with the length, trim the tulle a little shorter.


Use a few different colours in one skirt, alternating them as you tie them on.


Do not add any embellishments to a tutu for a 1-year old. She could put buttons and fake jewels in her mouth and possibly choke on them.

Things You'll Need

  • Elastic
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Hot glue gun (optional)
  • 6-inch wide roll of tulle
  • Scissors
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