How to Print Greeting Card Inserts

Updated February 21, 2017

If you have made handmade greeting cards to send to friends and loved ones for the holiday season -- or any other special occasion -- then you might want to include a printable insert in the greeting card. An example of a popular greeting card insert is a printed photo of you and your family. Insert a photo file you have into a Microsoft Word document. You can print these images in mass, cut them out and slip them into the greeting cards.

Open a new Microsoft Word document.

Click "Insert" on your toolbar. Then, click the "Picture" button. Select your image file from the menu that appears on the screen. Double-click the file, and it will appear in your word document.

Click in the middle of the image so that it is highlighted. Then press "Control" and "C" to copy the image. Click your cursor on another spot in the document, and press "Control" and "V" to paste a duplicate image.

Press "Control" and "P" to print the document. Make sure you have loaded glossy photo paper with the glossy side face down into your printer. Cut out your inserts with a pair of scissors, and place them in the greeting card.

Things You'll Need

  • Glossy photo paper
  • Coloured ink
  • Scissors
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