How to Edit Photos for IMVU

Updated March 23, 2017

An avatar image is the image that is displayed on your IMVU profile. This image represents the character you have created for use on the online social network, IMVU. IMVU allows users to create and customise characters so they can interact with other members on the IMVU website. Characters can earn and use IMVU credits to purchase items in the IMVU store or play online games and chat with other users on the chat rooms. You can edit photos for IMVU; however, your photo must be 160 x 220 pixels in size.

Go to to resize a picture. Your avatar image must meet the 160x220-pixel requirement. Click "Choose File" to load a photo you want to resize and then press "Open." Click "Custom" on and then enter "160 x 220." Click "Resize" to resize your photo. Click the "download this pic now" link to save the resized photo onto your PC.

Visit to log in to your IMVU account. Go to the section that says "Profile Settings."

Click "Choose File" next to "Upload Avatar Image" to edit photos for IMVU. Find the photo you just resized and then click "Open."

Click "Update Profile" to update your IMVU profile. You should see your new avatar photo on your profile.

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