How to Design an Evite

Updated May 23, 2018

In the modern, digital age with communication technologies evolving almost daily, it has become much more convenient to send greeting cards and invitations electronically instead of by the post office. Evite, an online invitation website, claims more than 22 million users with 25,000 invitations sent every hour. Evite also allows you to send ecards, provides gift suggestions for any occasion, and offers entertaining ideas for a variety of events such as birthdays, baby showers and dinner parties.

Visit the Evite website ( Click on the "Register" box. Enter your first and last name, birthday, gender, country of residence, e-mail address and password. Submit by clicking on "Register."

Click on the "Create an Invitation" box. Select the occasion that pertains to the event you are hosting. Choices include stag party, pool party, birthday, brunch, fundraiser, game night, graduation, happy hour, movie night, reunion and wedding.

Browse through the different types of invitation designs related to your event. When you find one you like, click to select it.

Write the event title, the event type, your name and anyone else who is hosting, your phone number, the location and complete address of the event, the date and the start and end time of the event. Write an invitation message, which can be as creative and fun as you want to make it.

Click on "Add Manually" and enter the email addresses of your guests. Click "Add to Guest List" to add the email addresses into the "Your Guest List" box. Once you've entered all the email addresses, click "Next Step."

Choose the style of reply that you want to receive. This option allows you to customise the reply headers for "yes," "no" and "maybe" responses. Choose from reply options such as e-mail notifications sent to you when your guests RSVP, and e-mail notifications when invited guests comment on your invitation. There are also options to hide your guest list, to set a maximum number of guests, to allow guests to invite other people and to allow guests to indicate the number of kids attending.

Click on the "Preview" box to ensure that everything on the invitation is to your liking.

Click on the "Finish & Send" box and enter the characters you see on the word verification screen. Click the "Submit" box and make sure you see a message that reads "Thank you, your invitation was sent."


You can preview your card at any time before you send it. If you change your mind about the design of the invitation, click the "Change Design" box and select a new design. Evite allows you to upload your own personal photos and create an Evite profile that people on your guest list can see.


If you don't register first, Evite will not allow you to preview or send invitations.

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