How to Word an Invitation to a Reception to Introduce a Pastor

Welcome a new pastor with open arms by putting on a reception with the church's congregation. Whether the pastor is coming from a different church or is fresh out of school, this will make him feel welcome and invited. Send a notice to let the congregation know of the new pastor and a formal invitation to invite them to greet him in person.

Talk with the new pastor and have him draft a letter to the new congregation to introduce himself. The church members will want a little information about him before they meet him at the reception. Have the pastor give a brief description of his past work, if any, his goals, a little personal information such as where he grew up, and his excitement for the future with the church. As he may not have a chance to have a long conversation with each person during the reception, a letter will get out his basic information.

Make sure all of the details of the reception are covered before you send out the formal invitations. The invitation will need to include all the information, such as the room where the reception will take place and whether food will be served.

Start the invitation in a positive mood by stating how excited the church is to welcome the new pastor. For example, "In honour of our new pastor, Pastor John Doe, the First XYZ Church would like to invite you to attend a reception in his honour."

Explain more about the reception and any details the congregation will need to know. Say whether food will be served, whether you need donations to buy food, and the time and place of the reception. For example: "We will have a buffet in the Peter and Paul room from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. directly after the 3 p.m. Sunday service. We would appreciate food donations."

End the letter by restating how excited the church is to welcome the new pastor. For example, "First XYZ Church is looking forward to the future with Pastor John and we would love for you to talk with him prior to his first service." Include any other information if necessary in the closing, such as a RSVP request or contact information for the church.


Include a photo of the new pastor on his welcome flyer or on the invitation.

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