How to Identify a Brown Spider With White Spots

Updated April 17, 2017

Identifying a spider can be important in determining whether or not a spider that came across your path is dangerous, innocuous, or even helpful. From the curious to the arachnophobic, it is always reassuring to know what sort of spider you have on your hands. There are many different varieties of brown spider species with white spots on their backs, and the best way to identify one is to consult a spider identification guide, preferably one complete with photos.

Go to the insect identification archive (see Resources).

Specify the attributes of the spider you are identifying. Select "brown" for colour, "white" as secondary colour, "8 legs" for bug type, and indicate the region you spotted the spider in.

Search the database. There will be colour photos and other information for each spider that fits the description. Examine the results until you have identified your brown, white-spotted spider.

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