How to run steam with avg

Updated April 17, 2017

If you are into online video gaming, then you most likely use Steam software, a communications platform for online gamers. Steam hosts hundreds of games from various developers and distributes them to the online community. Sharing all this unknown and potentially unsafe information, however, can be dangerous to your computer. AVG protects your computer, but it also uses resources that Steam needs to operate, so there are some steps you must take to help the two programs function together.

Open the AVG User Interface and click on "Resident Shield."

Click "Manage Exceptions," then select "Add Path" to exclude an entire program from scanning.

Search through your list of programs until you find Steam. Double-click on Steam then click "OK." Steam is now on the list of AVG exceptions.


AVG and Steam use the same resources, so running Steam without temporarily disabling AVG could cause your games to crash.

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