How to Paint a Girl's Face to Look Like a Bat

Updated June 19, 2018

With over 900 species of bats worldwide, the bat is a versatile and fun creature to paint. Face painting is a fun alternative to masks for Halloween or any other dress-up event. You can create any character that your heart desires with face paints, when the right mask might not be available. Bats inspire "blood-curdling" chills and are one face-painting design that gives a girl some real "vampire" glam.

Pull the girl's hair back, using a headband. This will keep her hair out of the way, as you work.

Use blue face paint to draw a "V" in the middle of the girl's forehead so that the bottom aligns with the eyebrows and the top ends mid-forehead.

Continuing with the blue paint, make an upside-down "V" on the nose from the middle of the bridge, extending out and around the nostrils. The bottom of the "V" should align with the underside of the nose. From the centre of this "V," paint a long, skinny bat tail down the centre of the girl's nose.

Paint from one side of the forehead "V" making a long, shallow "U" shape up to the temple, staying above the brows. Continuing from the temple, paint a line down toward the jaw. Curve the last part of the line slightly toward the chin and stop on the cheek, beside the girl's mouth. Repeat on the other side. This will form the tops and sides of the bat's wings.

Form three even, shallow upside-down "U" shapes starting from the bottom of the nose "V" along one cheek, using the blue paint. Connect the last inverted "U" to the end of the side wing, beside the girl's mouth to form the underside and tip of the bat's wing. Repeat on the other side. You now have the outline of a bat's body.

Fill in the dark blue outline with the dark blue paint. Avoid painting too close to the girl's eyes.

Outline the blue bat with black face paint for emphasis. Add black lines to the wings to indicate "webbing."

Between the two lines forming the upper "V," and extending higher, paint a bat's face with black face paint. Include beady eyes, an upturned nose, fangs and large, pointy ears. Fill in the face outline and around the features, using the dark blue face paint.


Using red face paint, paint drops of blood coming from one side of the girl's mouth for a gorier effect. Add a few small stars and a crescent moon around the bat on the girl's face to look as if the bat is flying through the night sky. For younger children, omit the bat's face and instead make a paper "bat's eyes" and "wings" hat using black and white construction paper to form large, googly eyes above the girl's forehead and wings extending out to the sides from behind her head.

Things You'll Need

  • Headband
  • Dark blue face paint
  • Black face paint
  • Red face paint (optional)
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