How to Reset a Motorola BQ50 Phone

Updated April 17, 2017

The Motorola BQ50 is a battery that comes with the Motorola VE240 phone. This cellphone has features such as Bluetooth wireless technology, push-to-talk, a memory card and a speakerphone. The user has the option of resetting the phone back to its factory defaults. This can help resolve occasional performance issues caused by hardware glitches or software bugs on the phone. Resetting the BQ50 battery is not possible; if the battery is dead or defective, the only option is to replace it. The Motorola VE240 phone can be reset and it only requires pressing a few buttons.

Turn on the Motorola VE240 phone. Press the "Menu" button.

Press the right arrow key to navigate to "Settings." Choose "Phone" and "Security" from the list.

Enter your four-digit unlock code. You should have set this security code when you purchased the phone. Press the "Done" button.

Press the down arrow key to select "Restore Phone." Press the "OK" button.

Press "YES" to confirm that you want to reset the phone. Press the "OK" button.

Enter the four-digit passcode again and press "Done."


If you have not set a passcode for your Motorola VE240, the security code may be the last four digits of your mobile number. You can also try the default security code set at the factory, which is "0000."

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