How to Restore a Compaq 6910P

Updated April 17, 2017

When you have an issue or problem with your Compaq 6910P, it can help to restore the system to the original settings of an earlier date. By enabling the restore and creating a restore point, you can reset the operating system and allow it to operate as it did before the issue started. Your personal data files will not get deleted, but you will need to reinstall and update your software and drivers. Reconnecting your Internet connection is also needed. With a few steps, you can have your computer running and back to its old self.

Click "Start" and type "System" into the text field. Select "System Restore" from the list. The "Restore System Files and Settings" window will open.

Make sure the System Restore is enabled and create a restore point, if there isn't one set up. Click on the "System Protection" tab and check the box next to System "C:," and click "Create." Enter a description for the restore, such as "First Restore Point" and click "Create." Click "Finish" to confirm.

Click "Next" to display the list of available restore points. Select a restore point that is dated before your problem occurred, and click "Next." Choose another restore point if an error pops up that says the computer cannot use the one you chose.

Click "Finish" when the computer asks you to confirm the restore point. Click "Yes" to perform the system restore. This operation must not be interrupted.

Click "Restart" when the restore is completed to restart the computer. Click "Cancel" if the Recovery Manager displays. Allow the computer to restart in Windows. It will then be back to operating condition.


Keep your drivers updated to avoid any issues or troubleshooting.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
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