How to Reset an Acer Laptop

Laptop computers can be wonderful devices, except when the need to troubleshoot arises. Acer laptops are no different. A quick way to fix many problems with an Acer laptop running Windows is to reset it to factory settings.

Resetting your Acer laptop to factory settings can eliminate slow operation, registry problems, virus problems and spyware issues. What's more, a factory reset of your laptop may reduce the need for a full reinstallation of Windows.

Back up all necessary data to an external device such as a disk, flash drive or hard drive

Make sure all programs are closed and shut down your Acer laptop.

Detach any external hardware such as an external hard drive or printer.

Press the Power button to boot your Acer laptop.

Press "Alt-F10" on your keyboard when the Acer screen appears at the start of the boot-up process. Wait a moment while Windows loads the reset files.

Select "Restore System from factory default" in the Acer eRecovery Management window.

Click "Next" on the next screen to continue. Click "Next" on the following destination information window. This will pop up a notice telling you that resetting your Acer laptop will erase all data and restore the laptop to its original settings and configuration.

Click "OK" in the notice window to proceed with resetting your Acer laptop.

Wait while your Acer laptop is reset to factory settings.