Instructions for an Energizer Compact Charger

Updated February 21, 2017

Rechargeable batteries are multi-use batteries that are designed to be used over and over. These batteries can be found in many electronic devices such as cellphones, digital cameras, small appliances and laptops. Once depleted, these batteries are recharged using a special charger. Energizer is a major battery company that specialises in and offers a variety of battery chargers including their compact chargers. The Energizer compact charger is designed for two to four AA or AAA nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries and plugs directly into the wall. This portable charger is simple to use and features a charge status indicator, timer control and battery reversal protection.

Slide the front of the battery charger up. Set the charger for the type of battery you are charging. Keep the lever in the upright position for AA batteries, or flip the lever on the charger down if you are using AAA batteries.

Insert two or four rechargeable batteries into the battery slots, making sure to match polarities (+ and -) as indicated. Push down gently until the batteries snap into place. If you are only charging two batteries, place them together on the left or right side.

Lift the plug prongs out of the back of the charger. Pull them up until they snap into place.

Plug the charger into an AC outlet. The status indicator will begin blinking, indicating that charging has begun. The charging is complete when the blinking stops and the battery icon is solid.

Unplug the charger from the socket and push the prongs down. Remove the batteries and slide the front of the charger down to close it.


Be sure to only use NiMH batteries.

Things You'll Need

  • AA or AAA NiMH batteries
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