How to Replace the Battery in a Polaroid Impulse

photographic instant camera image by The Blowfish Inc from

The Polaroid Impulse is an instant camera that ejects the photograph from the camera seconds after the photo is shot. The batteries for the Impulse camera are built into the film pack. When you change the film, you are loading fresh batteries into the camera.

Loading film into your Polaroid Impulse camera is done in the same manner as loading film into other Polaroid cameras that use the 600 film pack.

Press the release button on the side of the Polaroid Impulse to open the film slot.

Open the 600 film pack. Hold the film pack by the edges. Make sure you do not touch the film cover.

Insert the 600 film pack into the film slot. The film pack will have an arrow showing which way to insert it into the camera. Insert the film with the plastic film cover facing up.

Push the film slot door closed. If you have loaded the camera correctly, the protective sheet will come out of the camera from the picture slot, which is on the front of the camera.