How to Change the Battery in a Seiko 7T32

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The Seiko 7T32 is a an alarm chronograph watch. It has a battery life indicator that provides notification when the battery is nearing its end. When the small second hand begins to move in 2-second intervals instead of the usual 1-second interval, this is an indication that the battery needs to be replaced.

Though it is recommended that an authorised Seiko dealer be used to replace batteries for Seiko watches, with the right tools, a novice can successfully replace the Seiko 7T32 battery. Use the SR927W Seiko battery, which can be obtained at any authorised Seiko watch repair store. The SR927W Seiko battery can also be ordered online from reputable watch parts distributors such as Apex Battery. Though not recommended, non-Seiko brand batteries can be purchased at any electronics store.

Use the case knife to pry off the back of the watch.

Remove the small prongs that cover the battery. Handle the prongs carefully as to not bend or damage the prongs. Remove the battery from the watch using the tweezers.

Look for any signs of battery leakage or corrosion. If leakage or corrosion is seen, use a cotton swab and alcohol to clean this up. If cleaning is necessary, ensure that the alcohol is dry before adding the new battery.

Slide the new battery into the watch, being careful not to bend the prongs. The flat side of the battery should be facing upward. Gently move prongs back into place.

Look at the face of the watch to see if the watch is working. If the watch is not working, view the owner's manual instructions on how to reset the watch.

Replace the back of the watch.