What is the Difference Between a CR2016 and a CR2032?

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The CR2016 and CR2032 batteries are both small "coin" batteries used in electronic devices such as watches, digital cameras, PDAs and keyless entry remotes. They can sometimes be used interchangeably.

Knowing the key differences between these batteries will help you determine whether one can replace the other in a given device.

Battery Size

The CR2016 is 1.6mm thick and the CR2032 is 3.2mm thick. This difference in thickness may cause problems when trying to fit one battery into a device designed to take the other model. They are both 20mm in diameter.

Battery Power Output

The CR2016 provides 90 milliampere-hours, whereas the CR2032 provides about 220 mAh. Under the same usage settings, the CR2032 should provide power longer than the CR2016. Both are 3-volt batteries.

Battery Life

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Under comparable circumstances, the CR2032 is designed to hold its charge longer than the CR2016, if they are rechargeable batteries. Most CR batteries are not rechargeable.

Battery Weight

The CR2016 weighs about 1.6 grams, and the CR2032 generally weighs 3 grams, which again can cause an issue with substitution, depending on the device in which you intend to use the battery.