How to Arrange Flowers on a Candelabra

Updated April 17, 2017

Candles and flowers are an enchanting combination. Both can add visual interest and fragrance to any environment and set a formal tone for events such as dinners, parties and weddings. A candelabra is a branched holder, often fashioned with some form of metal, which supports two or more candles -- the most impressive can hold several candles, resulting in a warm, glowing display. The addition of flowers only enhances the beauty of a lit candelabra. It is possible to attach flowers directly to a candelabra and still keep them hydrated and secure.

Give the stems of all of your flowers and greenery a fresh cut at a sharp angle, and place them in water-filled buckets.

Soak the block of caged, instant floral foam in a bucket of water until it is fully saturated. The cage is designed so that you can attach it to a candelabra or other structure. Its back has a smooth surface, but you can insert flowers into the foam through the openings in the cage's front and sides.

Poke chenille stems or wire through the holes provided in the cage, and use them to attach it to the candelabra. Continue to hook additional wire or chenille stems to the cage and twist these around the candelabra until it has the stability you desire. Position the cage fairly low on the candelabra, so that the flowers will be a safe distance from the flames.

Insert greenery into the floral foam. Trim stems of your greens to the desired length before inserting them. Angle the greenery as you insert it to hide the sides and back of the plastic cage, as well as any wire or chenille stems, which you don't want to be visible.

Add flowers to the foam, trimming their stems to the desired length before inserting them. Consider how you want the flowers to stand, drape or fall. If you want a cascade of flowers to pour down from a candelabra, add long stems toward the bottom of the foam. If you want a wide arrangement, add long stems to both sides of the foam.

Push all stems into the floral foam to a depth of at least 2 inches to ensure a hydrated, long-lasting arrangement. Give your arrangement dimension and texture by pushing some stems closer to the foam than others. Some blooms should be tucked in, while others can be more prominent.

Avoid leaving the flowers too tall. Keep the flowers below the tops of the candles, and remember that the candles will decrease in height as they burn.

Place your candelabra where you desire and light the candles after the floral arrangement is complete.


Use greenery such as ivy, asparagus fern and bear grass to create long, draping lines in your candelabra floral arrangement. In a candlelit room, flowers in shades of white, ivory, buttercream and pale yellow all take on an exquisite glow.

Things You'll Need

  • Floral cage with instant floral foam inside
  • Green chenille stems or floral wire
  • Assorted fresh flowers and greenery
  • Florist's knife
  • Water-filled buckets
  • Candelabra
  • Candles
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