How to Winterize Bacopa Plants

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Bacopa plants produce long stems of foliage with many small blossoms, which make the plant a popular choice for arranging in hanging baskets or serving as a border or filler plant.

Since the plant regenerates itself well from cuttings, removing stems from a mature plant and bringing them inside during the winter to root will give you a new crop of bacopa to eventually plant outside in the warmer months.

Cut several 8-inch stems from a mature bacopa plant.

Remove any leaves from the bottom four inches of the cut stems.

Fill the containers with fresh water.

Place the bacopa cuttings in containers.

Keep the containers with the bacopa on a windowsill so the cuttings receive many hours of sunlight, or place the containers under growing lights in a greenhouse. The bacopa cuttings will generate roots and can then be transplanted into the ground after the frost.