How to Collect Peace Lily Seeds

Medioimages/Photodisc/Valueline/Getty Images

Peace lily plants or Spathiphyllums have dark green foliage, and they grow large white flowers. People often grow the plant indoors as a houseplant because it can tolerate low light levels and low humidity. You can propagate a peace lily plant from seeds by collecting them properly.

Once you collect the seeds, you can store them or plant them immediately in healthy soil.

Allow the peace lily to produce flowers. They will generally bloom in the summer, but if you grow them in the right conditions indoors, they may bloom at various times throughout the year.

Look inside the peace lily flowers when they bloom. You will notice a pod in the centre of the flower. Wait for the pod to go from green or yellow to brown or black in colour.

Cut the pod off with scissors once it has changed colour completely. Make a clean cut so that you do not twist or rip the pod.

Place the pod on a flat and clean surface. Pull the seeds off the pod with tweezers.

Place the peace lily seeds in an envelope until you are ready to plant them. Store them in a dry and cool location.