How to cook frozen steaks

Updated November 21, 2016

Frozen steaks may last longer, but some of the original flavour of the steak may be lost upon defrosting and cooking. To cook a frozen steak, if the steak is wider than a half inch, defrosting is recommended. If not, the outside of the steak will cook long before the inside.

Remove the steak from its packaging and season the steak with rub, salt, pepper or other spices to your liking.

Heat cooking surface to desired temperature.

Cook the steak on a pan, grill or inside the oven. Keep the steak further from the heat on a grill or keep the temperature lower to compensate for its frozen state (medium heat on a pan or around 162 degrees C in the oven). Flip the steak when juices begin to bubble up through the top of the steak. You can test the steak with your finger to see if it is done. Rare meat will be soft, medium will have a little bit of spring but should feel firm, and well done meat will be quite firm. The steak should be over 140 degrees on the inside to eat.

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