How to Make a Man Feel Emotional Attraction

Updated April 17, 2017

Emotional attraction, unlike physical attraction, often takes time to develop. As a couple get to know each other better and begin to care for each other deeply, their emotional attraction should grow stronger. Thus, encouraging a man to feel emotional attraction requires the patience to let it develop organically. You may facilitate this process by encouraging an environment of open communication and honesty.

Be yourself and maintain your own identity. If you want a man to feel emotionally attracted to you, it is important to act authentically. According to Teens Health, a healthy relationship means neither person has to stop being who they are. Staying true to yourself will allow him to develop an emotional attraction that is genuine, not orchestrated.

Share in each other's interests. Ask him what activities he enjoys and share your own hobbies with him as well. By opening your own life up to him, you will encourage him to do the same. As you get to know each other better, your emotional attraction will grow.

Develop shared interests by engaging in activities that are new to you both. Do something that requires you to trust and support each other, such as going skydiving or taking a cooking class. Bond over your shared experiences.

Communicate openly and honestly. According to Help Guide, you can strengthen your emotional bond with someone by making him feel comfortable enough to open up about his feelings. Create an environment that is supportive and nonjudgmental.


Avoid pressuring him into opening up and sharing his feelings when he's uncomfortable doing so. Allow his emotional attraction to grow and develop at its own pace.

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