DeLonghi EC152 Instructions

Updated November 21, 2016

The DeLonghi EC152 is a coffeemaker that can also be used to make espresso and other speciality drinks. Sold on the Internet and in many culinary and department stores, the coffeemaker includes a steam dial, cappuccino nozzle, steam nozzle, coffee tamper and indicator lights. The coffee maker is fairly simple to operate but should only be used by adults due to the use of electricity, hot liquids and steam, all of which may result in injury if not properly handled.

Open the lid on the water tank and lift the tank out of the DeLonghi coffeemaker. Fill the tank with clean water to the "Max" line. Set the tank back in the unit, pressing it down gently to connect it properly to the valve on the tank base.

Connect the power cord to an electrical socket. Turn the "Selector Dial" to the power icon and attach the filter housing to the machine. Set a cup under the filter housing and wait for the "OK" light to illuminate. Turn the selector dial to the brew icon and allow the water to run through the system. The "OK" light will go out. Turn the selector dial back to the power icon and empty the water out of the cup. This step warms up the cup prior to brewing the coffee.

Open the filter holder and fill the filter with one level tsp ground coffee per cup of coffee to be brewed. Spread the ground coffee in the filter and press it down gently using the included coffee tamper. Wipe off any excess coffee grounds from the sides of the filter. Turn the filter housing to the right to close.

Set the cup under the filter spout and turn the selector dial to the brew icon. When coffee is finished brewing, turn the selector dial back to the power icon. Turn the filter holder to the left and lock the housing by turning the grip lever. Empty out the used coffee grounds and turn off the machine if operation is finished.

Steam milk for use with the brewed coffee by pouring approximately three ounces cold milk into a container. Set the container under the cappuccino nozzle and wait for the "OK" light to turn on after the coffee has brewed. Pull the cappuccino nozzle and turn it counterclockwise, but do not touch the boiler outlet, which will be very hot. Place the nozzle in the milk container and turn the "Steam Dial" counterclockwise 1/2-turn. Move the milk container up and down slowly to froth. Dip the nozzle further into the milk for additional heating. Turn the steam dial clockwise to stop the steam and turn the selector dial to the power icon. Turn off the coffee machine.

Things You'll Need

  • Ground coffee
  • Clean cloth
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Coffee cup
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