How to make my 25th birthday special

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are approaching your 25th birthday and looking for a way to make your birthday special and fun, then you might need to do a little thoughtful planning. Set your budget for a party. Get your friends involved. Get out and do something that makes you feel good about who you have become.

Brainstorm ideas and write them down on a piece of paper. Think about the events that you enjoy doing. Jot down the places in your city that you have been wanting to visit but just have not had the time. Is there a new restaurant? A new film? A sporting event? Check your local newspaper for a list of weekend cultural events. Select one main event to do on your birthday.

Host a party that plays on the theme of "25 Years." For example, for a birthday in 2014, throw a party celebrating your birth year in 1989. At the party, play the top songs of 1989, hang photos of celebrities who had big years in 1989.

Organise a scavenger hunt that sends your guests on a search around your city looking for 25 hidden treasures. Incorporate some of your favourite spots or local hangouts into the hunt.

Play on the theme of "silver" because the 25th year is considered a "silver" birthday. Treat yourself to a new piece of silver jewellery. Invite your girlfriends to dress up in silver dresses and go out to a nice restaurant or out for drinks. Ask the male guests to wear silver ties, shirts or sunglasses. Give your guests the freedom to interpret the silver theme creatively.

Journal for 25 minutes about the positive things that have happened to you over the first 25 years. Note the goals you have accomplished, the friendships you have formed, the successes of your life. Focus on the positive. Do this in the morning, before your birthday activities begin, as a way of starting your 26th year on an encouraging, uplifting note.

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