How to know if someone hacked your phone

With the availability of Bluetooth capabilities, Internet access and data transfer options, mobile phones have become more at risk for being hacked. If your mobile phone has been hacked, dangerous things can potentially happen. Your personal information becomes vulnerable, and puts you at risk for identity theft, stolen passwords and numerous other undesirable situations. With a few simple investigative skills, along with the help of your mobile phone provider, there are ways to determine if your phone has indeed been hacked. It is imperative to take steps immediately to resolve any hacking issues.

Contact your phone company provider. Request a record of your history usage, then thoroughly check all ingoing and outgoing calls, text messages and data transfers. Alert a representative at your mobile phone company if you notice any unusual activity, which may be a sign that your phone is being hacked.

Keep in mind that viruses, bugs and sluggish movement on your mobile phone could signal that your phone is being hacked. Bring your phone into your phone company's local high street outlet and a have a diagnostic test performed on your phone.

Enter your phone number into Google or any other search engine online. Note that many times, if your phone has been hacked, your number may be associated with a company or individual that you are not familiar with. Note, however, that if your number is a relatively new phone number for you, the results may be from the previous owner of your number. Contact your phone company immediately if you suspect anything suspicious.

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