How to Recover Deleted Jobs From Backup Exec 12.5

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Backup Exec is a popular network backup solution. It allows you to schedule backup jobs for your servers and run them on a regular basis. It includes reporting features to help you keep track of the progress of your jobs, as well as logging features so you know if anything went wrong in past jobs. Additionally, Backup Exec supports incremental and file-based backups. While all backups in Backup Exec are file based, the additional support for incremental backups means that backup for large data sets can be done over a large period of time.

Locate the file BEDB.bak. This is located in the "Data" directory of the folder to which you installed backup exec. Usually, this will be "C:\Program Files\Backup Exec."

Find the "BEUTILITY.exe" file and double-click on it. This file will be located somewhere in the "C:\Program Files\Backup Exec" folder.

Select your media server from the list that appears. Select the option to "Drop Existing Database and Reload from Backup." This will reset the database to the time of the last dump. Usually, this will take place after a successful backup, so if you backup nightly, this will restore to the state of the previous morning.

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