How to Set Up an AT&T Conference Call

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you want to hold a business-related conference call, or want to connect with family members in different countries, AT&T makes this possible with its teleconference service. This service enables you to set up a conference call for up to 500 people in up to 270 different locations or countries; however, at least one of the conferees needs to be in the U.S. You can choose from three options when setting up an AT&T conference call.

Select the AT&T Teleconference service you would like to use. The reservationless service lets conference members join the conference call by dialling a specific number AT&T assigns to you. The reservationless operator-assisted service lets you provide the name and phone number of each member to an AT&T operator, and the operator calls each member to join the conference call. The last option is the reservation-based service, a requirement when you are holding a conference call with more than 50 participants. With the reservation-based service an AT&T specialist will collect all the information required for your conference call, and will also guide you accordingly depending on the amount of attendees you are planning to have on your conference call.

If you select a dial-in service that requires members to call in to join the conference call, you can choose from two options. The toll-free dial-in option is where participants call a toll-free number and you pay the transport, bridge and set-up charges. The caller-paid dial-in option is where you pay bridge and set-up charges and participants pay for transport when they call the designated 10 digit number. You can also select an operator-assisted dial-in feature for both of the aforementioned choices, this gives you personal customer service and security features during your conference call. For instance, if you need help while on the conference call, a customer representative will be ready to assist you.

Call the AT&T Reservations/Customer Care numbers and inform the AT&T customer representative that you want to set up a conference call. You must also tell the operator the type of conference call service you want to set up, and provide a credit card or AT&T Calling Card number to pay for the teleconferencing service.

As of March 2011 AT&T charges 0 a minute for reservationless automatic dial-in services with a toll free dial in number included. The charge for operator assisted service is 10p for every connection, and the operator assisted dial-in service is 10p per minute and per connection with a caller dial in. If you choose a toll free dial in number for the operator assisted dial-in service the charge is 10p for every connection.

Tell members the date and time when the conference call will take place.

Tell members to dial the conference call number that AT&T assigned to you if you chose a dial-in service. Members will also have to dial the access code that the AT&T representative supplied to you so members can access the conference call.

If you selected the operator-assisted service, ask members to be close to their phones at the time the conference call will take place so they can answer the AT&T representative.


Make sure to give members the right times for the conference by accounting for their different time zones. If you need assistance from an AT&T representative during your conference, call dial *0 if you are using the reservationless service, or 0 if you are using the reservation-based service.

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